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We partner with the bold and visionary to take a business to a new frontier

About Us

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What we do

We are a private equity fund backed by renowned local and international investors with the objective of acquiring and operating a well-established and profitable small or medium-sized business

Our approach

Unlike traditional private equity firms, we respect and value the heritage of small and medium-sized businesses. While we are agile in providing liquidity, we strive to create long-term value preserving the culture that made this business great in the first place

Who we are

We have worked for some of the leading investment banking, private equity and management consulting firms. With a friendship of more than a decade, we prize long-term relationships that are built on trust

About Us
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Our Team

Eduardo Hernandez and Ignacio Lizarraga have a diverse investment and operational experience spanning aggregate transactional value of US +$1.8 billion and more than 10 core industries

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Eduardo Hdz del Angel

Managing Partner

Eduardo is an investment professional with more than 7 years of experience, holding different positions at different Private Equity, Venture Capital, and Search Funds, as well as Family Offices such as Artha Capital, ACON Investments, Victory Park Capital, and Encinno Capital. Eduardo has originated and led transactions closings worth US $200 million and participated in other closings worth US $850 million. He has experience in Financial Services, Fintech, Industrials, Consumer, Real Estate, Oil & Gas and Power. Eduardo started his career as an Investment Banking analyst at Evercore, where he coordinated debt restructuring processes worth US $800 million. 

Eduardo earned his BA in Economics from ITAM, where he graduated with the highest honors and top 5% of his class, and his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Ignacio Lizarraga

Managing Partner

Ignacio is an investment professional with more than 7 years of experience at leading firms, including BlackRock, Bain & Company, Equity International, Bechtel Enterprises and Encinno Capital. He has experience in different sectors such as Infrastructure, Energy, Transportation & Logistics, Real Estate, Fintech and Manufacturing. Ignacio was a founding member of BlackRock Mexico's Infrastructure Private Equity team, leading key workstreams in debt and equity transactions north of US $1 billion, including the 2017 Bonds & Loans Infrastructure Finance Deal of the Year, and heading value-creation strategies for various portfolio companies. 

Ignacio earned his BA in Economics from ITAM and his MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business


Our Investment Criteria

  • Fast-growing with strong investment narrative at their blocks

  • Low cyclicality to weather economic storms better

  • Scalable business allowing for rapid expansion

  • Straightforward operations that facilitate a smooth transaction

  • Annual revenue in excess of $150 million pesos and profit margin north of 15%

  • Proven and stable profitability built on recurring revenues

While these are criteria that we would label as ideal, we are open to evaluate opportunities that do not meet all of the above

Investment Criteria

Our Values

Why do we do what we do in the way we do it?

Prioritize our relationships with our partners by showing our true selves and acting with honesty every step of the way


We are thrilled about learning new perspectives and are open to being wrong. We don't strive for greatness, we aim for constant improvement


Through an unequivocal commitment to our principles, we are perseverant in achieving the highest level of results possible

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Life is a continuous puzzle, full of obstacles for which we feel motivated to always find a way through

Social Impact

Our mission is to contribute for a better country and a better world by unlocking value in businesses and creating better opportunities for underserved people

Having Fun

Good and lasting business are the natural result of extraordinary teams thriving in nurturing environments 


Our Institutional Investors

+$1.5 bn


Assets Under Management
Executed Transactions


Countries Represented
Institutional Investors
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